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NPPF Step Two Legal Examination

The National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) is a new four-step process for police officers seeking promotion to the rank of sergeant or inspector. The NPPF Step Two Legal Examination provides an objective assessment of the officer's knowledge and understanding of relevant law and procedure. (This is the same examination as the current OSPRE® Part I.)

The examination consists of 150 multiple-choice questions answered over a three-hour period. Questions used in the examination are prepared by trained writers who have extensive policing experience and knowledge of the relevant legislation. During the development period, all questions are extensively quality-assured by a team of internal and independent experts. Questions are only drawn from the current syllabus, contained within the Blackstone's Police Manuals.

The most recent NPPF Step Two Legal Examination (formerly OSPRE® Part I) syllabus is available through the College of Policing.

More information on the new National Police Promotion Framework can be found on the College of Policing website.

How to use the Blackstone’s Police Manuals

Volume numbers for the Manuals

The 2023 Blackstone’s Police Manuals each have a volume number as follows:
Volume 1: Crime
Volume 2: Evidence and Procedure
Volume 3: General Police Duties

The first digit of each paragraph number in the text of the Manuals denotes the Manual number. For example, paragraph 2.3 is chapter 3 of the Evidence and Procedure Manual and 3.3 is chapter 3 of the General Police Duties Manual.

All index entries and references in the Tables of Legislation and the Table of Cases, etc. refer to paragraph numbers instead of page numbers, making information easier to find.

Material outside the scope of the police promotion examinations syllabus—blacklining
These Manuals contain some information which is outside the scope of the police promotion examinations. A full black line down the margin indicates that the text beside it is excluded from Inspectors’ examinations.

PACE Code Chapters
The PACE Codes of Practice have been taken out of the appendices and are now incorporated within chapters in the main body of the Blackstone’s Police Manuals. A thick grey line down the margin is used to denote text that is an extract of the PACE Code itself (i.e. the actual wording of the legislation) and does not form part of the general commentary of the chapter.

The PACE Codes of Practice form an important part of the police promotion examinations syllabus and are examinable for both Sergeants and Inspectors. They are not to be confused with ‘blacklined’ content that is excluded from the syllabus for Inspectors’ examinations (see ‘Material outside the scope of the police promotion examinations syllabus—blacklining’).

Length of sentence for an offence
Where a length of sentence for an offence is stated in this Manual, please note that the number of months or years stated is the maximum number and will not be exceeded. Any feedback regarding content or other editorial matters in the Manuals can be emailed to