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Blackstone’s Police is the online service that brings together all of our online resources for police promotion candidates sitting the NPPF Step 2 Legal Examination and trainee investigators preparing for the National Investigators’ Examination. Click on the relevant section below to learn about our available products and subscription options.

Blackstone’s for Sergeants' and Inspectors' Exam Candidates

For candidates planning to sit the NPPF Step Two Legal Examination (formerly OSPRE® Part I)

Blackstone’s for National Investigators' Exam Candidates

For candidates planning to sit the National Investigators Examination (NIE)

Blackstone's Police Manuals Q&A Checklists

If you have purchased the Blackstone's Police Q&A books, click on the links below to find copies of the checklists designed to help you track your progress when answering the multiple-choice questions.

Q&A Crime Checklist
Q&A Evidence and Procedure Checklist
Q&A General Police Duties Checklist
Q&A Road Policing Checklist

Blackstone's Professional Policing Online is an institutional bundle subscription including books which have not been previously available online through Oxford, such as Handbook for Policing Students and Crime Investigators' Handbook. These are now available for institutional subscription, in addition to titles previously available, such as Blackstone's Police Manuals, Blackstone's Police Investigators' Manual and Workbook, and the Q&A databases.

View all titles available through institutional subscription.