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Blackstone's Handbook of Ports and Border Security

Blackstone's Handbook of Ports and Border Security

Police National Legal Database (PNLD), Andrew Staniforth, Clive Walker, and Stuart Osborne QPM
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date: 04 October 2023

p. 63Chapter 4 Aviationlocked

p. 63Chapter 4 Aviationlocked

  • Police National Legal Database (PNLD)
  •  and Andrew Staniforth


This chapter begins by detailing the Aviation Security Act 1982, Section 1 of which covers the offence of hijacking an aircraft in flight. Section 2 of the Aviation Security Act 1982 is about the offences of unlawfully destroying or damaging aircraft in flight or in service and unlawfully and intentionally placing or causing to be placed on an aircraft in service or in flight any device or substance likely to destroy the aircraft or endanger its safety. The Aviation Security Act 1982 also provides powers to constables to arrest any person without warrant to prevent them from boarding an aircraft or remove themn from an aircraft if they suspect that person intends to commit any offence under sections 1 to 6. Moreover, it provides the offences of possession of dangerous article in aircraft/airport; making false statements; and unauthorized presence. The chapter then looks at the Air Navigation Order 2009; the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990; the Civil Aviation Act 1982; the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006; and the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003.

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