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Blackstone’s Senior Investigating Officers’ Handbook  

Tony Cook
Published in Print:14 February 2023 Published Online:23 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


This book provides step-by-step, easy to understand guidance on all the necessary considerations, procedures, and processes for a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), whether performing the role at the very outset of an investigation or at the more advanced stages. Chapters include guidance regarding decision-making and the initial response, setting up and managing an investigation, investigative strategies, policy logs, victim, family, and community management, and liaison with the media. There is also instruction on suspect and witness management, conducting ‘TIE’ (Trace, Investigate, and Evaluate) enquiries, child sexual exploitation and investigating sudden and unexplained infant deaths. Each chapter covers the important areas of a complex investigation with checklists, keypoints, and real-life case studies to help explain the processes and why they are important. All the main investigative foundations, knowledge, and skills for mounting a complex investigation are covered. The sixth edition also includes a new chapter on investigating suspicious missing persons. Each chapter has been completely updated and refreshed to reflect new changes and processes applicable to each individual section.